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Welcome to "The Exercise Man"

Paul Gaudino The Exercise Man

Paul Gaudino's Family Fitness Show
is the Longest Running
Exercise Show in the World!

Two Time Guinness Book Record Holder

Featuring Exercises For:

The Disabled
Wheelchair Bound
Seniors and over 60
Moms and Children
Low Impact Aerobics
People with Back Pain
Family Fitness
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Total Fitness for
"Body, Mind and Spirit"
Body, Mind,& Spirit!

"I'm the only person in the country with a program that does anything with a wheelchair." His wheelchair workout brings questions from all over the country. He has even been asked to call nursing homes to help the staffs tailor exercise programs to help those who are chair-bound.

Exercise for the Wheel Chair bound

"There is no disability when it comes to exercise and fitness. The body will achieve whatever the mind can conceive."



Life Begins at 40

If life begins at 40, it takes a lot of upkeep to keep it going smoothly. When I was younger,when I thought about being 74, I wondered, "What am I going to look like at 74?" So, while people would have been content to find gradually easier pastimes to idle away the days as they grow old, I take the rockier, uphill path. So, I ask you,"What good is your body if you can't use it?"

Half the World is over 40 years old. Why are most exercise programs geared to people in their 20's?
"Real Exercises for Real People!"
The Paul Gaudino Show first aired in April
of 1971.
Over 30 Years on the air!

The Paul Gaudino Show is Produced at
DVI Studios- Sound and Stage Productions
Grove City, PA 16127


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